2016's - Hottest of the Hot

Our top 10 women of the year In ranked order, has as much to do with attitude & style as god given beauty.

1. Adriana Lima

To stand out as she does in the rarefied air of the Victoria’s Secret model brigade with her combination of elegance and pure female sexuality makes her the reigning queen.

2. Lady Gaga

For her chameleon like ability to keep reinventing herself along with her ability to be both fuck-toy and feminist, not to mention her staggering talent as an artist.

3. Kylie Jenner

Put in the position of playing second fiddle to her more naturally elegant older sister, Kylie embraced the family legacy of beauty artifice to transform herself into an ultra sensual bombshell and fashion muse.

4. Christy Mack

Although at this point I believe retired from Porn, Christy’s punk haircut, tats, and unapologetic female empowered sexuality make her a modern day Betty Page, and put her at the top of the porn pile.

5. Ariana Grande

For her flawless voice, her killer fashion sense, and her ultra feminine beauty. This ultra-pro is a force of nature. Look out!

6. Nettie Harris

This model / artist often photographed peeing in public with un-shaved pits and bush, owns the alternative beauty space and proves that a natural woman can be super hot.

7. Cara Delevigne

This wacky British aristocrat with her impish charm, fearless confidence, and extraordinary beauty is utterly irresistible. We loved her in Paper Towns.

8. Natalie Mars

Part dude, part dyke, and part classic beauty, Natalie Mars stands at the precipice of being the first mainstream breakout trans porn star. her distinctive glasses and hairstyle are iconic.

9. Svetlana

In photographer Mike Dowson’s stable of impossibly beautiful Russian models Svetlana (we don’t know her last name) wins the prize. A modern day Marilyn, Dowson’s series of Svetlana partying nude with cocaine and cash is mind blowingly sexy. No gifs of Svetlana could be found - c'mon Mike.

10. Ana Cheri

This Latina playmate and fitness model may be the most irresistible female human being we’ve ever seen. Expect to see a lot more of her. Maybe the next Kim?

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